Refrigerated Containers

We have continuously improved the our store model improving user friendliness and customer experience and introduced new products to meet market demands.

Refrigerated DNV containers also commenced in 2012 The first UltraFreezers joined the fleet in 2015 ArcticBlast was designed and introduced in 2016, first ArcticStore/4PEOPLE combination


We do not only deal with new and pre-owned reefers. You can also buy many other kinds of containers, for example sea containers, as well as the appropriate accessories.
Discover our standard and special containers

  • Sea container: send your items in this high-level container with along with other 20ft or 40ft containers.
  • Standard containers: flexible and usable thanks to their standardised dimensions (e.g. 20 feet or 40 feet) and stackability, ideally suited for truck, rail or ship transportation
  • Storage containers: Keep items in a material container or tire container with anti-theft protection.
  • Office containers, residence containers and residential containers: these container systems are equipped with the right furniture and are multi-functional.
  • WC containers: the perfect bathroom solution for events
  • Interchangeable swap bodies: structures for the flexible transportation of items with special suitability for European pallets.
  • Flat rack container: transportation for large machine parts
  • Hard top containers or tank containers
  • Container accessories: special accessories such as shelves, burglar protection, spacers, swap bodies or ramps