What does it costs to use Kims Logistics?

    There is no license fee or monthly subscriptions for signing up or access. Optimise charges transaction fees and commission on shipments. For carriers, access is 100% free of charge.

    Is Kims Logistics a consultancy company?

    Kims Logistics Uganda Limited is a logistics company that provides consulting services particular to the supply chain and especially in particular to shipping. McClain is outsourced through full business consulting and supply chain consulting firms to advise on various aspects of their customers supply chains.

    What aspects of my supply chain can Kims Logistics help manage?

    Kims Logistics Uganda Limited can manage any and all aspects of your supply chain. From a single shipment, to regular shipments with heavy volume , to cross docking, or warehousing, McClain has the expertise to efficiently move your freight.

    What makes Kims Logistics Unique?

    We could go on and on talking about our history and technology, two aspects of our Kims Logistics Uganda Limited in which we hold extreme pride, and which make our company unique. Our employees, however, is what really sets Kims Logistics Uganda Limited apart from standard logistics companies. Not only are our employees dedicated to improving their knowledge of the transportation industry, but they are also dedicated to improving their knowledge of YOUR industry, whatever it may be. Transportation is our passion, which is why we are constantly providing professional development and arming our employees with the tools to make effective decisions regarding your business and your supply chain.

    Can you offer customs clearance?

    Yes, we can customs clear your goods at all of the major EastAfrican Ports and Airports.

    How quickly can my shipments be delivered?

    It depends, how quickly do you NEED it delivered? Kims Logistics designs custom SOP’s around some of the strictest service level agreements in the industry. Whether there is a patient on a table and a medical device needs to be delivered within 90 minutes, or marketing material that needs to be delivered next day, Kims Logistics will customize a solution around your specific needs.

    What role does technology play in Kims Logistics's success?

    Kims Logistics technology has the back end systems to collect data and drive information to the front end interface, giving our customers the reliability, visibility, and pro-active communication their customers demand. This allows our customer service team and customers alike the resources to make informed decisions to impact their revenue, risk, and market share.